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We line up car loans in Norwich, CT, for individuals in all credit and income levels. Let us find you the car loan you can afford. Here’s the way it works:

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Norwich CT Auto Loans

Auto Loans For Bad Credit: Norwich, CT

Having a good credit record may be fabulous, but it is uncommon to find someone whose credit score is faultless.

Fortunately, our car auto dealerships worry more about your current income than your past history of credit. Have you got a steady job? Then we’ll usually manage to find you a car loan for bad credit in Norwich, CT, no matter your credit score.

When considering used car loans in Norwich for people who have a bad credit score, we’re really the smartest option.

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Car Loan Norwich CT

Have you determined what you can afford?

The standard income in Norwich is $47,469 per year, or $3,956 per month. It’s best to devote roughly 10% of this amount for any used car loan. That means Norwich used car payments should be approximately $396.

What about down payments? If you have saved money for a down payment, congratulations. There are no down payment car and truck loans in Norwich, CT, but a down payment will prevent negative equity. Down payments are normally 10 to 20%. For a $16,615 car or truck, this is $1,662 to $3,323.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots: Norwich, CT

Used Car Loans Norwich CT

Increasingly, consumers are financing cars through in house financing dealerships in Norwich, otherwise known as buy here pay here financing. The central advantage of this sort of financing is that these dealerships cater to shoppers who have bad credit, but the disadvantages are significant. Allow us to get you the CT bad credit auto loans you need without going upside down

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Norwich

  • Charles Toyota, 500 W Thames St, 6360
  • Falvey’s Motors Inc, 395 W Thames Street Suite 32, 6360
  • Stateline Motors, 668 West Thames Street, 6360
  • Charlie and Doug Auto Service Inc, 54 Sherman Street, 6360
  • Auto Showcase Inc, 555 West Thames Street, 6360
  • A-List Auto L8ic, 688 W Thames St, 6382
  • Falvey’s Motors, 395 W Thames St, 96910
  • Nissan of Norwich, 691 W Thames St, 6330

Auto Lots Norwich CT