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Bad Credit, Need Car in New Haven, CT

Bad Credit Car Loan New Haven Connecticut
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Good credit is desirable to lending companies and applicants both. However, it is rare to find a car shopper whose credit profile has no flaws.

Auto Loans Connecticut is especially beneficial for any consumer searching for a bad credit car loan in New Haven, CT, since Auto Loans Connecticut’s dealerships and lenders have dedicated bad credit auto loan experts. And remember that a bad credit auto loan is one of the best ways to restore your credit.

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Used Car Loan New Haven CT

The truth is, most auto dealers don’t want you to spend too much when financing a car in New Haven, simply because it worsens your potential for defaulting. A typical income among New Haven’s residents is $17,221 each and every year, which is $1,435 monthly. It’s best to commit 10% or less of this amount for any used car loan in New Haven. So New Haven auto loan payments should be in the region of $144.

Try to pay down your loan in 4 years. This is that much more essential when yours is a bad credit auto loan.

Car Loans Without Credit Check in New Haven, CT

Car Loans New Haven CT

A lot of people today are hoping to find auto loans with no credit check in New Haven, CT. How come? Because they assume that they have to.

Why don’t we get you the bad credit car loan you really need minus the negatives associated with New Haven buy here pay here loans. Are you excited about increasing your credit score? Then you may want to finance a car or truck through us. Auto loans with no credit check might not restore your credit scores.

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in New Haven (CT)

  • Wilson Motors, 206 Forbes Ave, 6512
  • Drummer Boy Auto Sales LLC, 281 Whalley Avenue, 6511
  • O & M Used Cars, 235 Union Avenue, 6519
  • Cestaro & Sons Inc, 477 Ferry Street, 6513
  • Exclusive Auto Works, 490 Orchard Street, 6511
  • Crosstown Motors, 685 Washington Avenue, 6519
  • Gumbo’s Auto Sales, 247 Kimberly Avenue, 6519
  • John’s Used Cars Center, 156 Humphrey Street, 6511
  • Montana Used Cars, 430 Howard Avenue, 6519
  • Blue J Auto Sales LLC, 347 Forbes Avenue, 6512
  • Auto House of New Haven LLC, 468 Ella T Grasso Boulevard, 6519
  • Mark Motors, 185 Grand Avenue, 6513
  • Connecticut Estate Liquidators, 102 Fowler Street, 6515
  • Annex Used Cars Inc, 157 Main Street Annex, 6512
  • Buy Rite Auto Sales, 475 Ella T Grasso Boulevard, 6519
  • Junito’s Auto Sales & Repair, 80 Chapel Street, 6513
  • A-1 Toyota, 50 Amity Rd, 6515
  • Chet’s Auto Parts Inc, 87 Welton Street, 6511
  • Express Auto, 163 Middletown Avenue, 6513
  • Vuoso Motors, 240 Whalley Avenue, 6511
  • Fair Motor, 370 Lombard Street, 6513
  • F & M Motors, 276 Forbes Avenue, 6512
  • Boulevard Motors, 200 Ella T Grasso Boulevard, 6519
  • International Autobody, 215 Lamberton Street, 6519
  • F & M Motors, 276 Forbes Ave, 6443
  • D & D Motors, 224 Davenport Ave, #Rr, 923
  • C & J Auto Sales & Service, 150 Adeline St, 923