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Our Mystic car lending companies and dealerships have car loan packages for individual consumers, families, students, military personnel, and retirees. First of all, you’ll want to submit your application. You will need three minutes to finish, and we provide some of the highest approval rates in Connecticut.

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Car Loans For Bad Credit: Mystic, CT

Poor credit histories are widespread throughout Connecticut, and a bad credit score makes it harder to get approved. As many as 3,627 of Mystic’s inhabitants will need bad credit car loans. Here is the good news: having a bad credit score is not a roadblock if you apply for financing with Auto Loans Connecticut.

When it comes to used auto loans in Mystic for people who have poor credit, we find you the credit you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

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Our dealers don’t want you to shell out too much money for a new Mystic auto loan, simply because it raises your likelihood of missing payments.

Generally speaking, your car loan should cost less than 10% of the amount you make each month. Mystic’s car buyers have incomes of about $32,822 per year. Here is a quick assessment of the typical Mystic consumer’s auto financing budget:

  • Income Yearly: $32,822
  • Pay Every Month: $2,735
  • Best Payment: $274
  • Auto Cost: $11,487

You’re probably thinking: do these car loans in Mystic require a down payment? If you can put money down, do so. There are no down payment auto loans in Mystic, CT, but putting money down will counteract negative equity. Most car dealerships require down payments of roughly 10 to 20%. For a car or truck that costs $11,487, this is $1,149 to $2,297.

Car Loans Mystic CT

Believe it or not, bad credit does not mean you can only get a car loan without credit check. Let us get you the cheap car you want while avoiding disadvantages associated with buy here pay here loans. If you want to improve your credit ratings, you ought to finance a vehicle through Auto Loans Connecticut. No credit check cars don’t strengthen your credit score.

Mystic Dealerships and Auto Lenders

  • Bob Valenti’s Auto Mall, Jerry Brown Rd, 6340
  • GMC Truck-Buick-Pontiac, Route 1, 6340