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Car Loans – Middletown (CT)

We line up car and truck loans in Middletown, CT, for men and women of all credit and income ranges. If you’re considering car loans in Middletown, exceptional applicants fulfill several guidelines:

  • $1500 Per Month Salary (Middletown Residents Average $1,965)
  • Only Half of Income Committed to Existing Loan Repayments
  • Solid Employment

Borrowers are rarely rejected on account of credit history. Down payments aren’t necessary.

Middletown CT Auto Loans

Of Middletown’s 43,167 residents, 12,950 have got unfavorable credit.

However, having bad credit is just a concern if you try and get your Middletown car loan approved at a bank. When considering used auto loans in Middletown for people with a bad credit score, we are definitely your best choice.

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Auto Loans in Middletown Connecticut
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What’s your budget?

Be sure not to overspend on your Middletown CT auto loans, bad credit notwithstanding. You ought not set aside more than 10% of your income for a car loan.

Middletown’s car shoppers get paid about $23,581 annually. Here is a quick review of the typical Middletown consumer’s auto financing budget:

Salary Per Annum

Earnings Per Month


Car Cost

  • $23,581

  • $1,965

  • $197

  • $8,253

Zero Money Down Cars in Middletown (CT)

Have you thought about a down payment? You ought to, especially when the car or truck you want is brand new. New cars and trucks lose value promptly. Putting money down minimizes how long that you’re upside-down. Then again, Auto Loans Connecticut has dealerships offering car loans, no down payment in Middletown, CT. For purchasers who do supply a down payment, 10 to 20% is standard. If the car is priced at $8,253, this is $825 to $1,651 down.

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots: Middletown (CT)

Looking for a buy here pay here auto dealer in Middletown, CT? The major advantage of this type of finance is that these dealerships work with shoppers who have a bad credit score, but the downsides are well known.

Our dealerships will find you a car loan in Middletown, CT without being upside down

Middletown Auto Lenders and Dealerships

  • Car Factory Outlet Inc, 117 E Main St, 6457
  • Middletown Auto Sales & Rentals, 545 Washington St, 6457
  • Middletown Nissan, 1138 Newfield Street, 6457
  • Jackson Chevrolet, 660 South Main Street, 6457
  • Santostefano Auto Body, 105 Saybrook Road, 6457
  • Pipa Auto Garage, 770 Newfield Street Suite 4, 6457
  • Holley Dodge, 1000 Newfield Street, 6457
  • European Motorcars, 1158 Newfield Street, 6457
  • K & G BIS Auto, 475 Middlefield Street, 6457
  • Middletown Nissan, 1153 Newfield St, 923
  • Middletown Toyota, 634 Newfield St, 6114
  • VICTOR AUTO BODY WORKS, 590 Washington St, 6114
  • Jackson Chevrolet, 660 S Main St, 6114

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