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We match applications for auto loans in Guilford, CT with auto finance companies that can do instant approvals.

And we can state that we enjoy some of the top approval numbers in the market.

Bad Credit, Need Car: Guilford, CT

Bad Credit Car Loan Guilford CT
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Good credit results in the best rates of interest, but it is hard to find someone whose credit file has no imperfections.

But having a low credit score is only a major problem if you attempt to get your Guilford car loan through a bank.

And keep in mind, this is is a good way for you to re-establish your credit.

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Auto Loan Budgeting

Car Loans in Guilford Connecticut
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If you need to finance a car or truck with poor credit in Guilford, adhering to your budget is very important.

Many applicants overspend when it comes to their Guilford CT car loan, bad credit notwithstanding. A maximum of 10% of your income per month should be spent on your auto loan.

Guilford car shoppers make around $76,745 per year. Here is a quick analysis of a typical Guilford consumer’s auto financing budget:

  • Income A Year: $76,745
  • Income Each Month: $6,395
  • Proposed Payment: $640
  • Auto Cost: $26,859

You should settle your loan within 4 years, especially if you’ve had issues with bad credit.

Auto Loan Guilford CT

There will always be folks looking to get car loans with no credit check in Guilford, CT. That is because they have a bad credit report. We will place your application with dealerships in Guilford that accept bad credit but don’t have a lot of the risks associated with Guilford buy here pay here and in house financing dealerships. It is important to note that our Guilford auto finance companies and car dealers report your repayments to the credit bureaus, while a lot of buy here pay here car lots don’t.

Guilford Dealerships and Auto Lenders

  • Palumbo’s Automotive Unlimited, 1099 Boston Post Rd, 6437
  • Guilford Automotive, 268 Boston Post Road, 6437
  • Land Rover Guilford, 1700 Boston Post Road, 6437
  • Guilford SAAB, 1800 Boston Post Road, 6437
  • Mannix Family Motors, 301 Boston Post Rd, 6405

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