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At Auto Loans Connecticut, we put you in touch with dealerships and lenders who are able to approve your car loan in Groton from the computer. Our online application only takes three minutes, and we enjoy some of the best approval rates in the whole state of Connecticut.

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Bad Credit Auto Financing in Groton (CT)

Bad credit rankings are an epidemic among the Connecticut population, and a bad credit score increases your interest rates. Up to 9,504 of the city’s residents have bad credit.

However, when you apply for financing through Auto Loans Connecticut, your past credit is only that…past. You don’t have to settle for a no credit check car dealer in Groton when we can help you get much less expensive annual percentage rates.

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Have bad credit? Need a car? Then staying within your budget is critical. Car loans can make cars feel less expensive, given that they break down the price over a period of 3 to 6 years. This can be unhealthy, as it could cause you to spend too much. Roughly 10% of a person’s monthly income should be invested in their finance package. Groton’s car buyers have salaries of around $20,833 annually. Here is a quick assessment of the typical Groton consumer’s auto financing budget:

Annual Salary: $20,833
Monthly Income: $1,736
Payment: $174
Car Cost: $7,291

You’re probably thinking: do I need a down payment? If you have the cash for a down payment, congratulations. You can often find no money down car loans in Groton, CT, but down payments are always a wise idea. Down payments are typically 10 to 20%. For a car that costs $7,291, this is $729 to $1,458.

No Credit Check Car Loans: Groton, CT

No Credit Check Car Loans Groton CT
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You should be hesitant with any dealership promising no credit check car loans in Groton. We can assist you in finding car dealerships in Groton that accept bad credit but don’t have a lot of the issues associated with Groton buy here pay here dealerships.

Also remember, our Groton auto loan companies and dealers submit your repayments to the credit reporting agencies, while the vast majority of Groton buy here pay here dealerships never do.

Dealerships and Auto Loan Companies in Groton

  • Eurocars Plus, 538 Poquonnock Rd, 6340
  • Groton Auto Body & Sales LLC, 822 Poquonnock Rd, 6340
  • Gold Star Kia, 340 Gold Star Hwy, 6340
  • Cardinal Honda, 531 Route 12, 6340
  • Windsor Auto Sales, 10 Kings Highway, 6340
  • Bob’s Auto, 277 Candlewood Road, 6340
  • Fleet Motor CO, 972 Route 12, 6340
  • Valenti Volkswagen-Suzuki- Inc, 117 Long Hill Rd, 6355
  • L & L Auto Machine Svc Incorporated, 475 Gold Star Hwy, 6359
  • Cardinal Honda, 531 Ct-12, 6340