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We obtain auto financing in Danbury and across Connecticut for people with any kind of credit history, from excellent to subprime. Simply submit your application, and we’ll automatically locate a car loan based on a wide assortment of criteria:

  • Your Income
  • Where You Live (Danbury)
  • Your Credit Score
  • Down Payment

Danbury CT Auto Loans

Poor credit is a pandemic among the US populace. As you know, bad credit makes it more difficult to finance a vehicle. Our auto dealers worry more about your present income than your previous history of credit. Make $18,000 per year? Then we can typically get you approved, regardless of your credit rating.

With regard to bad credit car loans in Danbury, we are definitely the best option.

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Car Loans Danbury CT

Next let’s touch upon your financial budget.

In most cases, no greater than 10% of your monthly income ought to be dedicated to your auto finance paymens.

Danbury, CT inhabitants have salaries of around $28,210 per year. Here is a quick review of a typical Danbury consumer’s auto financing budget:

Earnings Per Year

Earnings Each Month


Vehicle Cost

  • $28,210

  • $2,351

  • $235

  • $9,874

No money down cars sound great, but offering up a down payment will maximize the likelihood of acceptance. In most cases, down payments are 10 to 20%. For a $9,874 vehicle, this is $987 to $1,975.

Car Loans Danbury CT

The following types of car dealerships may advertise auto loans in Danbury, no credit check needed:

  • Buy here pay here car lots in Danbury
  • Tote the note auto dealerships in Danbury
  • In house financing car dealers in Danbury

Our car dealers conduct credit checks. However, they approve bad credit in Danbury. When you apply for your Danbury CT car loan through us, you can increase your fico scores. That’s because our dealers update the credit bureaus.

Danbury Dealerships and Auto Lenders

  • United Brazil Auto Sales LLC, 64 Federal Rd, 6810
  • Colonial Mazda, 100 Federal Rd, 6811
  • Buick Authorized Sales & Service, 89 Newtown Rd, 6810
  • Central Motors of Danbury LLC, 57 Liberty Street, 6810
  • Colonial Used Car Center, 87 Federal Road, 6811
  • Fair Honda Used Cars, 102 Federal Road, 6810
  • Grand PRIX Motors, 108 Federal Road, 6810
  • Eric’s Auto Sales, Ridgebury Road, 6810
  • Colonial Ford, 126 Federal Road, 6811
  • Volvo of Danbury, 106 Newtown Road, 6810
  • Weeks Auto, 52 Newtown Rd, 6810
  • Advantage Auto Rental, 30 Federal Road, 6810
  • Regner’s Auto Sales, 224 White Street, 6810
  • A & S Auto Sales, 88 Balmforth Avenue, 6810
  • Mutual Motors Mill Plain Sunoco, 17 Mill Plain Road, 6811
  • New Street Motors LLC, 29 1st Street, 6810
  • N & S Auto Sales, 258 White Street, 6810
  • Mitsubishi-Colonial Mitsubishi, 120 Federal Road, 6811
  • Car City of Danbury – Service Department, 6 North Street, 6810
  • Nelson Motors, 47 South Street, 6810
  • Danbury Audi, 25 Sugar Hollow Rd, 10505
  • Action Motors Corporation, 74 Newtown Rd, 6801

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