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We understand that getting approved for an auto loan in Brookfield can be tough. We make it much simpler and easier. Just submit your application, and we’ll instantly locate a car loan that fits your price range.

Bad Credit Auto Financing in Brookfield (CT)

Poor credit now afflicts about 4,833 of Brookfield’s 16,111 inhabitants. As you can imagine, if you have a bad credit score car and truck loans in Brookfield come with increased interest rates. Here at Auto Loans Connecticut, poor credit isn’t really a major problem. When considering bad credit car loans in Brookfield, there’s really no better choice than Auto Loans Connecticut.

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Used Car Loan Brookfield CT

What’s your budget? Generally speaking, your auto loan should cost only 10% of your monthly income.

Brookfield, CT inhabitants have salaries of about $82,838 per annum. Here is a quick analysis of the typical Brookfield consumer’s auto financing budget:

Income Per Annum

Earnings A Month


Vehicle Amount

  • $82,838

  • $6,903

  • $690

  • $28,993

No money down cars sound awesome, but putting money down will counteract negative equity. Generally auto dealerships want down payments of roughly 10 to 20%. For a $28,993 car or truck, this is $2,899 to $5,799.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans Brookfield, CT

More and more consumers are resorting to in house financing car lots in Brookfield, often referred to as buy here pay here financing. But there are several things you need to consider. For example, these dealerships come with a handful of shortcomings:

  • Down Payments: Significant
  • Interest Rates: Inflated
  • Payments Must Be In Person

Our dealerships can find you a car loan in Brookfield, CT with far better terms and conditions.

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