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VW to Ride the Compact SUV Wave

Volkswagen has announced that it is working on a pair of compact SUVs to join its lineup of larger SUVs, the Touareg and Tiguan.

Industry observers believe that the emerging compact SUV market is set to take off within the next few years, a projection that VW executives are planning to be a part of. One of the compacts is to be based on VW’s Up city car and will look rather similar to the automaker’s Buggy Up concept vehicle. 

Word is that the second of the small SUVs will be at least in part based upon the German automaker’s small Polo. If this is correct, the Polo-based SUV will take the place of a not-yet-released SUV, the Rockton, that had been based on the Suzuki SX4. 

Industry insiders have coined the term “CUV” to denote many of these new, compact, car-based, “crossover utiity vehicles.”  In any case, it seems like we’re seeing more and more Bridgeport CT auto loan shoppers opt for CUVs over their larger, less fuel-efficient SUV brethren.