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Are Cop Cars Driven Too Fast? Milford, CT Says YES

The recurring question as to whether or not law enforcement officers drive too fast is being asked once again following the decision of the town of Milford, Conn. to agree to payout $2.5 million to a family of one of two teenagers who were killed in a cop car crash in 2009.

The town’s agreement puts to rest state and federal lawsuits filed by David Servin’s estate. Servin, 19, was killed along with Ashlie Krakowski, 19, when a police cruiser slammed into their car at 94 mph in Orange, Conn. Krakowski’s estate is likewise suing the state.

Asking this question as well are good lads over at Jalopnik who have posted a video of the police cruiser in Orange as it sped down Highway 1 without its emergency lights, nor its sirens on, until at the one minute mark of the video it crashes into the teen’s Mazda. In addition to the accident, the video shows the cop car going close to 75 in a zone marked 40 mph.

This particular crash is especially senseless since the cop behind the wheel, Jason Anderson, was not responding to an emergency, but merely racing the cop, Richard Pisani, driving the car that recorded the video. Anderson’s since been fired and is awaiting trial on manslaughter charges, while there is no record that Pisani has faced any disciplinary actions whatsoever.

If you are a Milford CT auto loan shopper, you have probably already heard this news.  But we thought more people should know.